The Opening of Ripple Effect Martial Arts

The Grand Opening of a Legacy School: Middleburg Martial Arts Reaches Further into the Community by Establishing…Ripple Effect Martial Arts!


     Middleburg Martial Arts has been impacting generations of students since 2001, and their legacy has spread throughout Northeastern Florida and beyond. Now, they are furthering that legacy with a brand-new school: Ripple Effect Martial Arts!

     One of the must-know names at the new studio is Mrs. Rebecca Davis. Mrs. Davis is an incredible instructor and a 2nd-degree black belt. As program director and head instructor, Mrs. Davis pours time and energy into her students, helping them become the best version of themselves. She has been training for 7 ½ years and has been teaching for 3 ½. When asked about her personal goals, Mrs. Davis stated that she intends to test for her 3rd-degree black belt in the fall of 2023. Mrs. Davis is a wonderful asset to the Ripple Effect Martial Arts team and has helped impact generations of karate students in the studio.

     When asked for a quote regarding the opening of this school, Mrs. Davis was thrilled. “Thank you to all our students and their families here at Ripple Effect Martial Arts in Fleming Island,” says Mrs. Davis. “I am truly blessed – we have an amazing karate family!”

     The excitement is rippling across all of the Middleburg Martial Arts community as they prepare for this auspicious occasion. Mats have been laid, and test classes have been held. Mr. Gaughan, an instructor at REMA said that he is “[…] very excited for our growth as a martial arts family!”

     Mr. Brayden Gaughan is another must-know name at Ripple Effect. He is a talented and goal-oriented member of the young black belt community and is now an instructor at Ripple Effect. Mr. Gaughan has been training for 10 years and teaching students for about 5 of those years. Alongside being an excellent martial artist, Mr. Gaughan works on cars and is in software development and security research. When asked about his goals, Mr. Gaughan stated that he has many! The biggest one is to “develop and create leaders so they have life skills forever – even if they stop training.”

     Mrs. Davis chimed in, stating that she “cannot wait to see our future black belts grow into incredible leaders.” Mrs. Davis and Mr. Gaughan will be instructing and working closely together as they guide this new school in its beginning stages. A great amount of their time will be devoted to the students and the individual love and attention that each of them needs to progress. These two instructors are hard workers and are devoted to their martial arts families. We are so excited to see what their futures hold!

The opening of Ripple Effect Martial Arts will be on Saturday, February 5th, from 10am to 2pm. The opening is free to the public, and there will be games, prizes, and a demo from the MMA team!

Tang soo!! has been selected the nation’s #1 martial arts school in Jacksonville, FL since it was started!

The school is located at 2360 Blanding Blvd. Middleburg, FL 32068. Middleburg Martial Arts teaches Tang Soo Do based on the systems developed by Grandmaster Shin and the World Tang Soo Do Association. For more information, visit:

Middleburg Martial Arts starts lessons at age 4 and puts a strong emphasis on character and success skill development, including: focus, discipline, respect, confidence, leadership, and more!

Middleburg Martial Arts’ Adult Karate training is a complete adult fitness and conditioning program for adults who want to lose weight, get (and stay in shape), or learn self-defense in a supportive environment.

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About Master Jan Lappin: 5th-degree Master Jan Lappin, a Middleburg resident, founded Middleburg Martial Arts in 2001. She has a background in and a degree in Psychology from University of Florida. He has been teaching martial arts since the 70’s. And recently published her book on the Leadership curriculum taught at Middleburg Martial Arts, you can find it on Amazon

2nd location in Fleming Island, FL: 4th-degree Master Rachael Macy founder their affiliate school, Ripple Effect Martial Arts located at 1851 Golden Eagle Way, Unit 44. Fleming Island, Fl 32003. For more information, visit:

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