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  • Love this place! They reinforce family values as well as teaching martial arts. Teachers are awesome! Keep up the great work!!

  • Middleburg Martial Arts is an awesome place to learn discipline, self-control, confidence, and generally improve yourself. I've been a student for seven years and an instructor for two years. It's been my immense pleasure to help our students become the best person they have the potential to be.

  • I have some really great news about my son Jack that I wanted to share! I just met at school with the ESE program. Third quarter they had put him in as Developmentally Delayed and Tier 2 however they have been working with him in smaller groups. Also with him in counseling, KARATE and some new structure at home is really paying off. The changes we have made and everything we have been working on has been instrumental on his progress at school for this last quarter. They took him out of the Developmentally Delayed program and the ESE Program for start of the new school year.

    They are still going to work with him in smaller groups and he will still continue his speech therapy. I told the school staff I was a little bit concerned about him being removed completely out of the program. However, they reassured me that they will be keeping an eye on him and they will be placing him with the appropriate teacher for next year.

    With that said I wanted to share this great news with you ALL and thank the staff at Middleburg Martial Arts tell you how proud I am of him!!

    Thank you again!!

  • Locally owned family business that cares about the upbringing of your children. As a single mom of four, I need all the help I can get. They reiterate the lessons I teach at home of compassion, respect, and confidence. We have the opportunity to take virtual classes and in person classes.

  • I know the owner and she is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She goes out of her way for the children and truly cares for them. Very family oriented and treats people with the utmost respect.

  • As a mother, I couldn't be more grateful for the amazing role models this studio provides for my son as well as the skills and confidence he has gained in just his first month. As an adult who decided to join, I'm thankful for the family feel and the fun exercise.

  • I feel Middleburg Martial Arts has helped by teaching my boys respect for themselves as well as for others. They have also learned that perseverance and hard work pays off at the end of a goal (to be a black belt), and that you do not always need to use fighting to protect yourself or friends and family. To be honest all the instructors have helped shape my boys into better people. If their dad or I ever have a concern they take the time to sit down with us and the child of concern and help resolve and problems my children have. I love watching my children better themselves.

  • Middleburg Martial Arts has been my extended family for 14 years. My children have learned self-discipline, respect, life skills, and self defense. The staff is knowledgeable, respectful, and professional. The owner, a fifth degree Master in the World Tang Soo Do Association goes out of her way to see that her students’ needs are met. I love attending this female-owned and run establishment. All three of the owners daughters have significant roles at the studio that enhance the business. Whatever you are looking for-exercise, discipline, life-skills, self defense, or martial art- you will find it here.

  • Our family loves Middleburg Martial arts! The staff makes you feel like part of a family! Our son has strengthen so many great traits like focusing, his confidence, manners , and not to mention physical strength!”

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