Healthy Habits and Martial Arts

Would you like to lead a healthier lifestyle? Martial arts can help you attain that goal.  Healthy habits will help your mind and body feel good and work at a more optimal level.  As a result, you’ll be able to accomplish more goals in life.  The martial arts encourages you to lead a healthy life through teaching and influence.

First, what is a habit? According to the dictionary, a habit is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.  For example, what do you automatically do when you get up in the morning, come home after work or school, etc.?  Whatever it is, you barely think about what you’re doing.  You just do it.  What if some of those habits aren’t the best for you or plain bad?  You need to evaluate your habits and improve them.

It takes between 18 and 254 days to create a new habit.  That averages to about 66 days, depending on the person, behavior, and circumstances.  Since it may take you at least two months to create a new healthy habit, you’ll need a support system to help you reach your new goal.  Martial arts programs, instructors, and fellow students are the best support systems.  They want you to succeed in order to become a better person and martial artist.  And they’ll influence you into wanting the same for yourself.

Since martial artists tend to lead healthy lives, they can help you acquire one as well.  There’s a few healthy habits that are a must – healthy eating, exercise, sleeping well, drinking water, and a healthy mental state.  Improving any, if not all of these, will help get your body and mind into shape.  In order to create better habits, you’ve got to plan, do your research, and set a goal.

What consists of a healthy eating plan? It may be different for some people because of their current state of health.  Plan out your meals for the week, especially if you’re away from home.  Remember that eating and drinking junk fills your belly with empty calories and nutrients, and prevents you from feeding your body with nutrients that your body and mind need to work at an optimal level.

What kind of physical activities do you enjoy?  Martial arts should be on the list.  Depending on the studio, you’ll end up doing a variety of activities to keep your whole body moving.  Doing something you enjoy will keep you moving.  If you sit at a computer for most of your working day, get up every hour to move your body.  If you’re sitting watching tv or playing video games, could you be moving? Sitting is the new smoking.

Are you sleeping 7-9 hours each night, and well? Do you have a good bedtime routine?  Make sure to refrain from screens an hour before bed.  Keep all lights off while you sleep, since they will disturb your rest. Allow yourself to unwind with soothing music or a book.  Getting a good night sleep will give you the energy to get through your day, including your martial arts class.

Are you keeping yourself hydrated? There are negative signs even before you realize you’re becoming dehydrated. You may start to experience headaches, fatigue, loss of focus, mental fog, moodiness, irritability, crankiness, and even overeat to compensate those feelings. None of that is good for you – drink up!  And can you imagine any of that while you’re exercising?  We ask all of our students to bring water bottles to help them keep hydrated and focused in class.

Lastly, how’s your mental state?  We all have our ups and downs, but there are ways to help us feel more stable.  You’ve got to be nicer to yourself.  Decrease, if not eliminate, negative talk.  Thinking and talking bad about yourself will never help you improve.  Hang around people who support, encourage, and raise your spirits.  Martial artists actively work on having a positive attitude.  It’s that attitude that creates improvement and achieves goals. has been selected the nation’s #1 martial arts school in Jacksonville, FL since it was started!

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