Good Grades and Middleburg Martial Arts

How does martial arts reinforce good grades? Is that even possible?

If grades have ever been a priority for you, maybe it is time to consider something new! At Middleburg Martial Arts, good grades are a huge priority. With a total of 350 students at both our schools, over 85% are AB honor roll and over 30% of that are all As. 

But how is this even possible? Is this just a correlation? Let us share some testimonials from parents and students saying just how much Middleburg Martial Arts has impacted their discipline, focus, and ultimately their grades!

“The discipline, respect, and life skills I learned, hand in hand with karate skills, has enabled me to pursue my dreams and receive a full academic scholarship to the University of Florida.” – Gwen Blanchett, student

“Very grateful for Master Lappin & all the staff at Middleburg Martial Arts. We are new to the area & Cheyenne is learning so much, making new friends, & having fun! I’ve seen improvement in her mood, behavior, & discipline.” – Breanna Rohrbaugh, student

“The self-discipline and focus I have learned as well as the goal-setting has helped me achieve my full ride to the University of South Florida.” – Cody Thornton, student

“He [Timmy] has worked very hard in the classroom; grades are a big part of this program. It has been a great asset to our family.”– Traci Conroy, mother of Timmy Conroy”

“Karate has taught me discipline, to concentrate, to stay focused, to believe in myself, and to be confident in myself in everything I do. Proof of this is that I am a straight “A” student – I have never had any grade lower than an A during my elementary school years. I am now in 6th grade and have ALL advanced classes. Before taking karate I was shy, I had stage fright and could never imagine speaking in front of a group of people. I now assist instructors in karate classes and help students one on one even with their parents watching from the side.” – Zane Toelle, student


At Middleburg Martial Arts, we reward, reinforce, and motivate the students to do their best academically. We teach goal setting, focus, leadership, and confidence for both adults and children. Students who earn honor roll even receive gold stripes on their belts! 

As the testimonials stated, their martial arts training extended past what they learned on the mats and into their personal and academic lives, allowing them to pursue their goals. Our program not only brings students through our belt system to Black Belt but allows them to grow in skills like public speaking and communications by speaking in front of their peers on the mats. They practice their leadership by becoming a member of our CIT program – Certified Instructors in Training. The students continuously train in their focus, patience, and discipline through consistent training on the mats.


On top of the consistent reinforcement of grades in class, Middleburg Martial Arts also offers a great after-school care program! This program is designed to give your child help with their homework, martial classes multiple times a week, and plenty of socializing with their peers. 

Check out what a few parents had to say about our after school care: 

“Comparing to a daycare, this is not a daycare this is LIFEcare.” – Anita Kravats, mother of Tara and Asia Kravats

“From the beginning me and my husband chose Middleburg Martial Arts because we thought it would be a good place for Jodi to be after school. We found out it was the best decision we made. It is not just a Day Care it had been a place for her to grow. […] She is a straight A student and continues to keep her grades at that level.” – Lisa Spain, mother of Jodi Spain 

“Middleburg Martial Arts and their after school care program have been a blessing for my family and my girls. My girls have learned to be confident and to have self-discipline.” – Francis L., parent of Arrianna and Julianna

Through both their programs and afterschool care, Middleburg Martial Arts does indeed reinforce good grades through focus, discipline, and perseverance. With positive reinforcement and an environment built for learning, Middleburg Martial Arts provides students with the resources needed to achieve their goals.

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Middleburg Martial Arts starts lessons at age 4 and puts a strong emphasis on character and success skill development, including: focus, discipline, respect, confidence, leadership, and more!

Middleburg Martial Arts’ Adult Karate training is a complete adult fitness and conditioning program for adults who want to lose weight, get (and stay in shape), or learn self-defense in a supportive environment.

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About Master Jan Lappin: 5th-degree Master Jan Lappin, a Middleburg resident, founded Middleburg Martial Arts in 2001. She has a background in and a degree in Psychology from University of Florida. He has been teaching martial arts since the 70’s. And recently published her book on the Leadership curriculum taught at Middleburg Martial Arts, you can find it on Amazon

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