There are many situations throughout a day that require you to communicate to some. Whether it is telling your mom you’re tired, telling your spouse that you don’t feel like doing the dishes or even at the store when you can’t find the medicine you’re looking for. Let’s go over three simple steps to communicate more effectively.

  1. Clarity: Make sure that you already know the point that you are trying to get across and focus on the conversation that you are having. When speaking, it is easy to get distracted by other things and other thoughts that can interrupt your current conversation.
  2. Reason: There is always a reason for us to communicate with someone. Either you are trying to tell them what you’re trying to communicate or the other way around. Have a clear reason why you are communicating with someone. Make a point to not skip around the reason, and tell them right away. It is easy to lose your thoughts and go off on a tangent.
  3. Importance: If there is an important reason why you are communicating with someone, emphasize the importance. There is a different tone of voice and sense of urgency that you should use in a conversation that is important to you, so that whoever you are communicating with knows. and have been Best Of Clays #1 martial arts school for FOUR YEARS IN A ROW! Founded in 1999 by Master Jan Lappin, a 4th degree master in Tang Soo Do and has a degree in psychology. Middleburg Martial Arts and Ripple Effect Martial Arts offers lesson for kids 4 and up and adults of all ages. Our program is designed to help kids and adults with their specific needs.

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Master Jan Lappin: Master Jan Lappin is a fourth degree black belt and master instructor. She has a degree in psychology from University of Florida. She has been teaching and training since the 70’s and has owned her own martial arts school for 23 years. Master Lappin’s book Leadership is based on the curriculum we teach.