An Underrated Tenant of Tangsoodo

When you think of martial arts, particularly Tangsoodo, what comes to mind?

Maybe the image of someone punching a board with all their strength, sky-high kicks, or complicated forms pop into your head. There are many aspects to martial arts, and while a particularly large portion of it is physical, there is also an important mental aspect.

At Middleburg Martial Arts and Ripple Effect Martial Arts, there will always be a particularly heavy emphasis on leadership and confidence building. However, there are many more facets of Tangsoodo that all members of the dojang are expected to strive for.

Many different types of people come on the mats, and it is because of this diversity that some aspects of Tangsoodo may be more challenging than others. We may find a child who struggles with anger management at home or a student who struggles in school. This diversity of background is a reason why there are several different tenants of Tangsoodo that remind the students to focus on the different things that might apply to them.

Every student will struggle with a different tenant (integrity, concentration, perseverance, respect and obedience, self-control, humility, and indomitable spirit) and need to find their own way to learn and apply it to their life.

One of the tenants that students are expected to live by on and off the mats is respect. Oftentimes, particularly in the younger generation of martial arts students, they might not know what respect means, or the practical application for it on the mats.

The following are just a few examples of how respect is shown in the dojang. These examples are provided for clarity in the practical application of the tenant of respect.

The clearest show of both respect and humility (another tenant) is something that anyone can see within their first few moments of walking into a martial arts school. Namely, the bowing on and off the mats.

The bow is a sign of respect and a willingness of the student to be on the mats to learn, and it is a tradition that has gone on for many years! Bowing is done a lot in martial arts – you bow onto the mats, you bow to your instructor, you bow to your training partner, and you bow at the beginning and end of each class. That’s a lot of bowing! With each scenario the reason for bowing is slightly different, but the respect for the art you are learning stays the same.

Another great example of the practical application of respect is the instructor-student relationship you will find throughout the studio. These relationships are often formed with the student having a great deal of respect for the instructor, and the instructor diligently showing up for that student to teach them in the best ways possible.

These relationships are also excellent ways for students to practice other aspects of their lives; by learning to show the instructor the correct respect, they extend this knowledge of respect to other authority figures in their lives as well.

It is this instructor’s hope that all MMA and REMA students will learn the importance of respect. It is an invaluable quality that will serve them well in years to come! has been selected the nation’s #1 martial arts school in Jacksonville, FL since it was started!

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