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Middleburg Martial Arts

Find a home away from home alongside positive and passionate athletes at Middleburg Martial Arts. We’re here to teach you life lessons and values through karate training. We nurture an environment that encourages improvement and dedication.
We also offer a unique impressive leadership development curriculum that builds athletes to be confident leaders in life. We work tirelessly to teach children to stand up for themselves and share the benefits of martial arts classes in Middleburg and Fleming Island, Florida.


At Middleburg Martial Arts, we stand apart from the crowd. Here are a few of the advantages of our karate training that you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Family

    We devote our time and efforts to make our community a supportive and welcoming environment for all individuals.
  • Growth

    Character improvement and development is our highest priority in martial arts training.
  • Leadership

    You will find confidence while training martial arts because of your success.
  • Motivation

    Find your drive and passion through challenging opportunities and setting goals
  • Relaxation

    Exercising regularly allows students to relieve their stress and anxiety in a healthy manner.

Learn More About Us:

About Us:

Achieving character development through martial arts is our highest priority at Middleburg Martial Arts. We take pride in being a part of World Tang Soo Do’s elite organization with other international prestigious schools. We honor the World Tang Soo Do Association’s training philosophies, Five Codes, and Seven Tenets, and instill these principles through a culture of excellence. Our impressive group of instructors are dedicated to setting a good example for athletes, putting them on a path towards a black belt, and changing their lives for the better.

Middleburg Martial Arts classes will also improve your overall health and strength to prepare you for daily tasks and labor. The healthy competitive environment amongst peers brings out quick improvement and impressive results. Regularly scheduled exercise and martial arts training will improve your flexibility, balance, and physical condition. Beyond a physical level, our program structure builds a foundation of discipline that is applicable to school and work. Training martial arts with us can even improve academic performance. We’ve conducted our own extensive research to conclude that 85% of our students are honor students, which can’t be said about every sport.

Our History:

Middleburg Martial Arts is a family business that was established in 2001. Rachael Macy currently co-owns the school after her mother built the initial foundation. We’re a part of the World Tang Soo Do Association and pride ourselves in instilling virtuous philosophies such as the Five Codes and Seven Tenets into our community. Our school has been thriving for over two decades and we are still as feverishly passionate about our students. We dedicate ourselves to training our students to be strong leaders with impeccable character in every moment.

What Our Students Are Saying

  • Our son has gone from a shy 5yr old to a strong, confident 12yr old black belt.

    Jay H


  • I have found a second home and family within the studio. They take care of their students and they teach the life skills needed to progress forward throughout their lives.

    Marshall W


  • The environment is awesome and the way they teach and talk about discipline and respect is amazing!

    Claudia D


  • If you've ever been curious about taking classes for yourself or enrolling your kids please come check it out!

    Shiloh W


  • They definitely instill discipline and confidence in all the children here. I would highly recommend this for anyone with children or even anyone looking to take classes themselves

    David H