World Tournament coming up!

WTSDAlogo 300x300 World Tournament coming up!The world tournament is coming up soon and is held in North Carolina. For more details please visit WTSDA website. Since most of the black belts will be at the tournament, we will not have classes on 7/14,15 or 16. The actual tournament days are the 14 th and 15th. It is too late to register, however you can go up and watch or help out. They are always looking for volunteers to assist in many different ways. This is a volunteer organization, counting on the help of everyone!We will be continuing the extra practice for those going to the tournament on Fridays at 4:00 until the tournament. Please come to the practice if you are able as it should help out. Also, everyone please make sure you know what form you are doing as well as what color belt and patches to wear. No multicolored belts or club uniforms are allowed. Because this is a sanctioned event everyone must conform to the traditional WTSDA standards! If there are any questions regarding the tournament please contact Mr Jarrett or one of the senior black belts!Please take time to practice your forms and sparring so that you can be on top of your game at tournament time! I hope everyone has a great experience at the tournament and comes back with many new friends from all over the world!Master Lappin
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