Welcome back David!

Hooray David is back! We are so happy to have David back training with us after his extended absence.David 6 15 225x300 Welcome back David! David  is an awesome child with an excellent sense of humor. It will be a joy to have him back. David started with us when he was just 6 years old as a member of our after schoool karate program, (daycare alternative).  He is now a senior belt, (red) and has worked very hard to get to this level. We will do our best to help him get back on track and to attain his goal of black belt. David, Christine, and big David, welcome back to our family!  Here’s a pic of David when he first started wearing his new white belt!David Martino at  6 with his new white belt!FullSizeRender 225x300 Welcome back David!   
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