testimonies from our last gup test

Hi, I am Tammy Lewis, Mathew, since he has come in to the studio here has developed a lot of his leadership and his confidence, his public speaking, just all skills all the way around, his grades and helped his focus.” “I can see it’s benefited you too right?” “It’s benefited me a lot. It’s brought me into a bigger family, a lot of friends, a lot of support in everything pertaining to karate and school work and any issues that we have at home. Everything runs through the studio and couldn’t ask for a more wonderful extended family.” -Tammy Lewis“My name is Reverend Richard, the studio has benefited Danica with focus, in school, her grades have improved, her reading has improved, and math is easy to her. Another thing that has helped her is her gaining confidence. Danica is very bright but had lacked confidence in situations that she went through. We are her custodial grandparents, she is a wonderful child and the studio has helped us. Watching her grow has been fantastic, it’s a great place and we urge everyone to come.” –Reverend Richard“My name is Roxanne, and my child has benefited with more focus, his grades are doing much better in school, he is making friends too.” “Has it benefited you in any way?” “Yes, I have four children her actually here at the karate studio and they all come and are getting better along at home they are helping clean more at home and they are listening a lot better.” “Alright thank you.”-Roxanne
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