self-discipline and martial arts!

“Benefits of Martial Arts Self-discipline is often disguised as short-term pain, which often leads to long-term gains. The mistake many of us make is the need and want for short-term gains (immediate gratification), which often leads to long-term pain.” – Charles F. Glassman, Brain Drain The Breakthrough that Will Change Your LifeMartial arts training improves your quality of life, no matter your age or skill level. The lessons learned while practicing the martial arts can easily be transferred to activities outside the dojo.A long-term commitment to martial arts training builds a great amount of self-discipline, and a desire to exercise and improve your physical health. It works to increase endurance and stamina. The Benefits of Improved EnduranceImproved stamina and endurance will have great benefit throughout all aspects of your life. You will be able to last longer in any physical routines without breathing hard or tiring easily. You can accomplish more without feeling fatigued.Increased physical activity through the martial arts becomes a healthy way to slim down, by burning additional calories – making you healthier overall. There are also studies showing increased physical activity can also result in improvements for cognitive function. Improved MoodHave you ever noticed your body feeling better after a hard workout? While meeting your physical goals during the workout can be challenging, exercise makes you feel better afterward. Your body begins to release endorphins after a hard workout that serve as painkillers and also work to improve your mood.Long term martial arts training and cardiovascular exercises are a natural way to combat depression or the winter blues and serve as a drug-free mood enhancer. Improve Your CardioIf you are serious about improving your endurance and stamina, cardiovascular exercises outside the dojo can help. Running, biking, and other cardiovascular exercises serve as a compliment to your long-term martial arts training. 
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