Jennifer Crook

"My name is Jennifer Crook and we have three children actually going to the studio, Evan, Tyler and Alyssa. And they have benefited in so many ways, they grow in confidence and leadership abilities, their teamwork capabilities. They make great grades, excellent students at school.”

On getting to the studio;
“Its definitely not easy to bring three kids back and forth to the studio, but we make it a priority not only because of the karate they get but also the extra things they are learning like goal setting, anti-bullying, self defense so a lot of the things that are extra had us make it a priority to redo our schedule for the studio.”

on club;

"“Club has benefited them with the extra attention that they get with working with the weapons and sparring, they like being examples. They have grown as mentors for other kids coming up.”


Elyse Parker on Club

They ( the staff at M.M.A.) has helped my child, Cora Parker, in the after school program. She has learned manners, she has learned structure stability, and they have helped her with her homework. She is given a lot of personal skills that she wouldn’t obtain at a normal program.”

"They (the staff) have been wonderful. They are phenomenal with her and we are putting our youngest child in here when she starts kindergarten.”
On how Club how has club benefited her;
“It gives her extra practice time, time with other people, teaches her responsibility, it really makes her want to go that extra step to go above and beyond to become a leader.”

"Karate has helped Connor be more assertive, less passive, and greatly improved his confidence."~ Jack Ray, father of Connor

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Just a few photo's of Connor in his star performance as Shrek in his school play. A roll that his father said he might not have done had it not been for the Black Belt Excellence skills he has learned at Middleburg Martial Arts.

Believe us when we say that we proudly get to hear, "Karate has greatly improved my child's confidence," in abundance. Confidence, however, is not the only Life Skill that our students cultivate on their journey towards Black Belt Excellence! Parents really appreciate the focus and discipline as well. Guess what? These skills have benefitted many adults too. Many adult students have told us that the karate and Life Skills they have learned have made a difference in their career path. So, if you would like better Focus, Discipline, and Confidence, whether for the classroom OR the boardroom, join us for Black Belt Excellence.

Middleburg Martial Arts helped to build up his confidence and strength

My son Antonio has been doing karate now for almost three years it’s been wonderful for him. We put him in to build up his confidence and strength and wow has he come a long way, he really, really, has and we are very proud of him. We are really happy with the school, great school, great school. If you are thinking about putting your kid in karate, if you have a self-esteem issue, or a self-confidence issue Middleburg Martial Arts will really bring them up.

Mary Martinez

My daughters have enjoyed martial arts here at MMA

My daughters have enjoyed martial arts here. They have set goals and understand what goals are. Comparing to a daycare, this is not a daycare this is LIFEcare. As a community we have seen how children can’t even walk home from school alone, this has prepared them for if something were to happen.

Anita Kravats

Her improvement has been amazing

Ever since my daughter started here her father and I have noticed a vast improvement she now says yes ma’am no ma’am and does her chores without being prompted. She’s opened up; she had always been very shy, very very withdrawn. She’s actually gone up to kids her own age says hi and introduces herself. We were having a little bit of financial trouble and she went in here room and saved up all her allowances, everything she had and brought me her jar and told me that I could have it because she didn’t need it. It was amazing; I don’t think she would have ever done that before. Her improvement has been amazing.

Bobbi Horner

A wonderful place for kids to learn respect

I have two kids here at Middleburg Martial Arts one is five and one is seven. They both have been here since age five. Lauren I think might have started before then when she was four one summer. I have had them here now three years year-round including the summer program. They are a wonderful place for these kids to be at to learn respect, to develop their coordination and also all aspects to their respect towards adults and others.

Coach Patterson