Promo red/ blue belts

Congratulations Alyssa Crook, Jack Moore  , Kaleah Williams, Dominick Weiskittel, Kaleigh RhodenIMG 0143 225x300 Promo red/ blue belts IMG 0142 225x300 Promo red/ blue belts Beatrice and Danielle Fleurant  Rachel Delshad, Peyton Higgs, Nadine and Kira O’ Connor, Jessica Hodges, Jasmine Wislon- Smith

 Zane Toelle, Robert Schilling   Great job Evelyne and parents; Ms Nicole and Mr Paul Pilliod  We are so proud of our new Jr Black belts Jon Michael Thomas, Makenna Toelle, Savannah Hoover. You guys are amazing!

Gabriel Reagon, Brayden West Elsa Briones, Jaxson Seacrist Bryce Jones, Emma Melcolm,  and Jack Moore. You guys are awesome. 
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