Penny Wars!

IMG 0723 300x225 Penny Wars! It’s that time of the year again. The Penny Wars are back!The Penny Wars is a awesome fundraiser ran by our Parents’ Club to help raise money for those testing for black belt in October. All the money that is raised will go to the black belts to help with their testing costs.We have some fantastic black belt testers this cycle:For 2nd DegreeLogan KeyAnthony ClarkFor 1st DegreeAdelaide LasaterJulieanna LuzunarisMarshall WaltonRoger WaltonRylan MarkSo how does the fundraiser work? The contest is based off of points. A penny is worth 1 point. Anything else is worth negative points. For example, a nickel is worth -5 points, and a dime is worth -10 points. So if you feel that a black belt deserves some points, drop in some pennies. But if you want to take some points away from them, drop in some silver coins.But there is a twist! This time, the black belts are competing against the GUP students! There is a male GUP jar and a female GUP jar. So if you GUP students want to beat the black belts drop some pennies in your jars!Good luck to everyone!Tang Soo!
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