Open Tournament

The Open Tournament is ONE WEEK AWAY!Who is ready?!Our Open Tournament will be Saturday, September 26th at United Methodist Church on Main Street.Here are 5 simple tips to help you prepare for our upcoming Open Tournament:
  1. BASICS!!!!
    • Awesome basics = awesome forms
    • Run through your stances to make sure they are polished up
    • Practice your kick chambers and foot position.
  2. Power
    • Don’t just walk through your forms
    • Train as if it was real and that each move is going to save your life.
  3. Get your energy up
    • KI HAP!!!
    • Be loud, be energetic
    • Make the judges remember you
  4. Watch your competitors
    • Learn from them
    • Watch how they spar so you can better yourself
    • Study their sparring habits to better your chances
  5. HAVE FUN 🙂
    • Having fun is what it is all about!
    • Make new friends and connect with old ones
We hope to see everyone there!Tang Soo!
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