Master’s & Leader’s Club

Congratulations to all of our new Master’s Club and Leader’s Club members!Dannika Davis (Master’s)Tessa Haire (Leader’s)Damion Peek (Leader’s)Jack Ray (Leader’s)Connor Ray (Leader’s)Devin Dees (Leader’s)Wyatt Kutch (Leader’s) Club is a great way for students to enhance their martial arts practice. The amount of extra effort put it, accompanied with the extra help from instructors truly goes a long way. By being in club, students are put on a faster track to Black Belt. They are also surrounded by students just like themselves. All students that join club are goal oriented and focused on accomplishing everything they put their mind to. Students in Master’s Club will receive extra focus in sparring as well as various weapons such as escrima sticks, staff, and more! The best part about it, they will be reinforcing the basics that they learn in class. Those that are invited and choose to join Leader’s Club will get all the training that Master’s Club students get as well as extra training of their own! The amount of value that each student gets by joining club is unmatched.So, are YOU up for the Club Challenge?! If you or your child is interested in learning about Master’s Club or Leader’s Club please don’t hesitate to ask.
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