Loyalty To Country With Black Belt Excellence

Our Theme of the Month for the month of July is The Five Codes of Tang Soo Do.Our codes are;1) Loyalty to Country2) Obedience to Parents3) Honor Friendship4) No Retreat in Battle5) In Fighting Choose With Sense and HonorIt is very important to know and understand what these codes mean. Understanding these codes will help you on your journey to Black Belt Excellence!The first code, Loyalty to Country, means to honor the country that you live. In other words, be grateful for the things your country has provided you and honor it by representing your country with pride.Obedience to Parents may seem like an obvious code to understand, but it often goes over-looked. Here at Middleburg Martial Arts we have the 3 Ways to Show Respect. They are eye contact, the 7 Magic Words, and honoring rules. If every child used the 3 Ways to Show Respect, they would have a better relationship with their parents.The third code, Honor Friendship, means to be a good friend and treat others they way you would want to be treated.No Retreat in Battle means to never give up! When you set a goal, you persevere and achieve that goal!The final code, In Fight Choose With Sense and Honor, means to choose your battles wisely. Fight over something worth fighting for. Is arguing with mom or dad over doing the dishes something worth fight for? No! Is fighting over the safety of your family worth fighting for? Yes!So what do the The Five Codes of Tang Soo Do mean to you? How are you honoring and representing each code? We had a great crowd of people at the Fourth of July Parade showing Loyalty to Country! Thank you so much to everyone that came out and assisted! Tang Soo!parade 300x225 Loyalty To Country With Black Belt Excellence
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