Goal Setting

Happy New Year to everyone! This month we are working on goal setting, as we do every January. Please take a few minutes to think about what is really important to you and where you want to go in your life. They say if you have a map you will probably get there. “A goal you set is a goal you get” Goal setting is so powerful. Then, the next step is breaking it down into smaller chunks so you see that it is achievable. “You must conceive it, and believe it to achieve it.” (Napoleon Hill- Think and Grow Rich)  By the way, we will be studying him this year in Leadership as well as some other popular classic self -help books.Anyway, we are asking our students to please write down at least three different goals that you would like to achieve and turn them in using our SMART goal sheet. Remember your goals should be measurable, observable, achievable, and specific. Challenge yourself!
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