Fall Clinic and Camp Out

 Fall Clinic and Camp OutWow, what a great clinic we had this past weekend. The timing was perfect because we helped to celebrate the 33 rd anniversary of WTSDA! Again thank you so much to our awesome presenters! Master Califf did his usual fantastic job teaching us great techniques such as pressure points, and gun techniques.  Ms. Nevado kept us smiling with the fun fan techniques and fan sparring. It’s harder than it looks, but was really different from our normal karate moves. Mr Lionel did some awesome ACD techniques which could save our lives if we ever find ourselves in a bad position. Check out our ACD (accelerated combat defense)  class which is taught on Mon. and Wed. evenings! Mr. Gourlay brought his mats and taught some BJJ and the students learned several new techniques! Mr. Michael worked with us on knife throwing which was exciting for everyone! It was really nice to have two of our previous instructors spend the weekend with us and camp out. The thing I like most about the WTSDA is the camaraderie. When you are with the WTSDA you always have a family to train with or just hang out with. Both are fun! We also were very fortunate to have Mr Jon Terry teach us archery! That also is not as easy as it looks. But once we realized that their were prizes for hitting the target our aim improved! I am so happy to have won a lollipop,(lol). Ms. Dot did a fantastic job teaching the spear form. She is so good with the staff and people rarely get to see her in action doing martial arts! We also did Ki Gong, and worked with the chucks. I think everyone came back from the weekend with a smile on their face and  more martial arts knowledge. Thank you to all of our presenters as you did fantastic and we so appreciate you taking your time to teach us!Now for the camaraderie part! The food which was prepared by Ms Joanne and her minion, Ms. Carla was superb! We are so lucky to have mama J cook for us and take care of us. I think one of the reasons we are such a close TSD family is all the extra curricular events we have, which usually revolve around Joanne and her yummy food. We had breakfast made for us both mornings and a wonderful spaghetti dinner on Sat night with yummy desserts. The apple crisp was wonderful, as were the banana boats! Of course my favorite were the S’mores. I had some more and some more!So thank you to Ms. Joanne and the Walton family who all worked so hard to make our weekend so special. The attention to detail with our meals was amazing! Several people helped to make this this such a great weekend and I thank all of you!
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