Congratulations Pre Testers!

Congratulations to all that have been pretested so far! Remember, if you have not been pretested yet, it is not too late! Please make sure you come to class this week so we can pretest you and get you on the track towards your next belt!Here are a couple reminders on what to do leading up to the Gup Test on February 13th:
  1. If you have not been pretested please make sure you are in class so we can make that happen.
  2. Once you are pretested, please make sure you have your testing paperwork. It is important that you get your paperwork right away because all paperwork is due Wednesday, February 10th.
    • IMPORTANT: If your parent or teacher does not approve of you testing, you will not test until your behavior improves. (We are martial artist inside and outside of the studiot)
  3. Please make sure you complete a written test. If you have not done so already, you are behind! Please see an instructor or somebody upfront about making up your written test.
  4. STARS! STARS! STARS! Keep pumping out those homework sheets so we can keep rewarding you stars! The last day to get credit towards this test is Friday, February 12th.
    • 5 stars = Bronze star stripe & a Bronze medal at the Promotion Party
    • 15 stars = Silver star stripe & a Silver Medal at the Promotion Party
    • 25+ stars = Gold star stripe & a Gold Medal at the Promotion Party
  5. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Please continue to practice at home so your techniques are sharp for your test!
If you have a questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!Tang Soo!
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