Child Care or Life Care? Give them Black Belt Excellence in our After School Day Care Alternative.

Child Care or Life Care?You decide.Middleburg Martial Arts offers a unique after school program that not only keeps your child in a safe environment but teaches your child valuable life skills as well.“Thanks in large part to the emphasis on disciplins, respect, and integrity taught at Middleburg Martial Arts, Gabriel has become a much more succesful student. His behavior at home and within his peer roup has improved dramatica;;y and I am exeedingly grateful for the encouragement, dedication, and commitment displayed consistently by this second family at Middleburg Martial Arts. Thank you!” ~ Mallory Branco, mother of Gabriel

Here are just a few of the benefits;

  • Pick up from local Middleburg Schools
  • Karate Classes included
  • Later pick up time, 6:30PM
  • Better Instructor to child ratios
  • Life Skills
  • Respect
  • Confidence
  • Self-Defense
  • Self-Discipline
“Middleburg Martial Arts and their after school program has been a blessing for my family and my girls. My girls have learned to be confident and to have self-discipline. They have learned to always stay focused. Middleburg Martial Arts has taught my girls that having good grads in school is very important. Middleburg Martial Arts has provided a safe, family oriented environment for my girls and for that I’m grateful.” ~ Francis Luzunaris, mother of Arriannan and JulieannaCome and see for yourself. Make your appointment today to tour our facilty. Have an in depth one on one session with a knowledgeable member of our staff to see the many ways we can assist your child into becoming a respectful and more focused student.“With my degree in child psycology, I know from my past experience (including counseling troubled teens, serving as a probation officer for teens, dealing with the foster care system, and with drug addicts), that it is much better to prevent our children from going down the wrong path rather than trying to fix the problems later. I have found that the martial arts is one of the best ways to help them along a very positive path and am pleased that you have chosen this path as well.” ~ Master Jan Lappin, Owner and Head Instructor 
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