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Master’s & Leader’s Club

Congratulations to all of our new Master’s Club and Leader’s Club members! Dannika Davis (Master’s) Tessa Haire (Leader’s) Damion Peek (Leader’s) Jack Ray (Leader’s) Connor Ray (Leader’s) Devin Dees (Leader’s) Wyatt Kutch (Leader’s)   Club is a great way for students to enhance their martial arts practice. The amount of extra effort put it, accompanied […]
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WOW! What a showing from our Fall 2015 Black Belt Testers! Middleburg Martial Arts definitely showed black belt excellence out there. All of our testers took another giant step in their martial arts journey! It was great to see all of their hard work, blood, sweat, and tears finally be rewarded. Anthony Clark looked fantastic […]
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Child Care or Life Care? Give them Black Belt Excellence in our After School Day Care Alternative.

Child Care or Life Care? You decide. Middleburg Martial Arts offers a unique after school program that not only keeps your child in a safe environment but teaches your child valuable life skills as well. “Thanks in large part to the emphasis on disciplins, respect, and integrity taught at Middleburg Martial Arts, Gabriel has become […]
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