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St. Patrick’s Day

We cannot wait for St. Patrick’s Day! Wait and see what we have planned for you! Games! Obstacle Courses! Games! Prizes! Games! We will be having 2 FREE classes that are open to ANYBODY on 3/17, so bring a friend. What better way to start them on their Black Belt journey?! Who is going to […]
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Congratulations Pre Testers!

Congratulations to all that have been pretested so far! Remember, if you have not been pretested yet, it is not too late! Please make sure you come to class this week so we can pretest you and get you on the track towards your next belt! Here are a couple reminders on what to do […]
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Master’s & Leader’s Club

Congratulations to all of our new Master’s Club and Leader’s Club members! Dannika Davis (Master’s) Tessa Haire (Leader’s) Damion Peek (Leader’s) Jack Ray (Leader’s) Connor Ray (Leader’s) Devin Dees (Leader’s) Wyatt Kutch (Leader’s)   Club is a great way for students to enhance their martial arts practice. The amount of extra effort put it, accompanied […]
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