Hi students/parentsThis book is a must read! It explains how martial arts can change/improve your life. I highly encourage you to get it and read it. Master Convento just gave me a copy of it at the Martial Arts super show and I bought some to keep at the studio. It explains how martial arts has made him the huge success that he he. Master Convento is a WTSDA 2 TIME cup winner ! He is an amazing business owner as well as a former navy pilot. He explains how martial arts has been the most drastic influence in his life. He talks about the 13 traits that martial arts teaches which are (as you all know):1. discipline 2. confidence 3.perseverance 4. integrity and strength of character 5. commitment to excellence 6. dedication  7. leadership 8. teamwork 9. passion  10. goal setting and achievement 11. flexibility and adaptability 12. vulnerability and reflection 13. mentorship and passing on the baton of knowledge.He calls these traits Character Building weapons! He describes in detail how martial arts develops each of these life skills and gives personal examples of many of them.I enjoyed the book as it reinforced what we already know about martial arts and how it helps people be more successful in every part of their life. He talks about grades improving and how you can give your child the gift of greatness! He goes on to explain his vision or goal of every child which is to earn a black belt before they graduate from high school. He discusses that schools teach math and science but not respect and discipline, or for that matter many of the life skills we need to be successful.As a matter of fact, I also recognize this and thus, we are offering a “back to school focus camp. ”  It is a one day mini camp which we are offering teaching students how to use discipline and respect in school. Also, how to show and improve confidence. Additionally, we will discuss goal setting for the school year and using your planner properly to assist the student. See the front desk or newsletter for more details on our “FOCUS” camp.Anyways, getting back to the book; it arms parents with information on how to deal with the child that wants to quit or is getting bored, (which is most of them at one time or the other!) He discusses how we don’t let them choose to go to school or not, or brush their teeth. He also discusses how most children are present focused and therefore only want to do fun things. Well, as you all know, Tang Soo Do isn’t always fun and games. It is extreme discipline and hard work, especially in the upper ranks. We learn about  defeat  and perseverance. Master Convento discusses how; if we let our children quit when the going gets rough it is like giving them the OK to quit anything when the going gets rough. The most successful people we know don’t give up. They persevere and thus, are successful and confident. Those who give up learn how to give up when their job is too tough, or football is too rough, or school is too hard, or their marriage isn’t perfect. He also reviews how martial arts training helps us physically and all the benefits that go with that, both physically and more importantly mentally. When people are in their best physical condition, it automatically boosts their confidence and chances of success. They feel good about themselves, others see them in a good light, and they feel this as confidence. This empowers them to do more, and take risks. Some of the most successful people I know are risk takers. Taking risks comes with the confidence and the perseverance that you will succeed.Some of the most confident people I know are black belts, and masters in karate or martial arts. Two perfect examples are Tony Robbins, and Brian Tracy, and the list goes on and on.So, I have a few copies of the book at the studio which you are welcome to check out, or you can go to Amazon and purchase your own, or I can ask him to get us some autographed copies if you would like to order one! Please let the front desk know if you’d like to order one from us and I will see what I can do.

FullSizeRender2 225x300 BLACK BELT ; THE WINNING EDGE

Yours in Success!Master Lappin 
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