5 Back to School Tips!

School starts a week from today, how exciting! Parents, we know you’re excited!Starting school off on the right foot is very important. It gets us going in the right direction towards better grades.Here are 5 easy tips for being successful in school:1) BE EARLY Show up early to everything that you do. This gives you a couple minutes to prepare before you begin. Whether it is karate class or math class, showing up early will help you be successful!2) PAY ATTENTION How will you possibly learn if you’re not paying attention? This is sometimes the hardest thing for kids to do. This is equally important when doing your homework. In order to pay attention when you are doing your homework you need to put the phone away and turn the TV off and FOCUS!3) BE ACTIVE This is a 2-parter: First, be active in class. This means you should ask questions and give answers. This stimulates your brain and keeps you attentive. Don’t be shy when asking questions. Chances are, somebody else in class has the same question. Second, be active outside of the class room. We know you are active outside of school because you come to karate. Being active outside of school keeps your brain stimulated. WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT VIDEO GAMES! Find something outside of school that interests you and BE ACTIVE.4) BE ORGANIZED Organization is key to being successful. This applies to adults as well. Have a folder for each class so you keep can keep track of your assignments. It makes no sense for you do your homework and not turn in because you can’t find it. Be organized and you’ll be successful.5) BE POSITIVE No matter what obstacle is put in front of you, you will overcome it. You just have to believe you can do it. Keep a positive mindset with everything that you do and nothing will hold you back.Good luck to everyone starting school. Let’s make this year your best year yet!Tang Soo!
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