Black Belt of the for the month of August is Anthony Clark

IMG 4239 225x300 Black Belt of the for the month of August is Anthony Clark Anthony Clark is our blackbelt of the month for August. Mr. Anthony has proven that he is a dedicated martial artist while attaining his current rank of second degree black belt. Anthony has really stepped up and matured, especially this last year. He has been a great team leader here at the studio. He is now working at Middleburg Martial Arts and helps teach class. He is an excellent teacher, a good role model and has great energy. The kids have a ton of fun when he teaches class. He is an accomplished tournament winner, great at sparring, awesome with Sais, (and a member of C.I.T. We our proud to have Anthony as one of our students and instructor. I have attached a copy of Anthony’s 1st degree Black belt essay below; How Martial Arts has Changed Me. In his essay he talks about how his martial art training has improved his respect, self-control, obedience, responsibility, and humility. Just recently we had some students who have returned after being gone for about 4 years and they were amazed by the positive changes he has shown. He went from a boy with endless energy, bouncing off the walls at times!) to now the role model instructor that he is. Way to go Mr. Anthony! 

Black Belt Essay

Respect, self-control, obedience, responsibility, and humility, these are just the some of the few attributes that I have attained or improved since my training at the karate studio. When I first came to the studio I never could hold still, ever since I came to the studio I have improved in self-control and calming myself down. As I progressed in my training and rank it became more serious, thus the need to change my behavior. From white belt to orange belt all the way to brown belt level I always goofed around in class with my friends. At red belt level I still goofed around, but not as much as before knowing the need of change in my behavior. Around blue belt level and Jr. Black belt level I still messed around a little but also tried to have other people change their behavior too. I would try to get people to calm down were as I use to make noise on the side and interrupt class and cause a distraction. I try to be more serious in class, trying more to focus on the techniques more than my friends and their distractions. Even now I still have to work on self-control because I still sometimes mess around in class and get in trouble.My respect to other students at karate or school, teachers, instructors, friends and parents has increased significantly since I signed up for karate. When I first started in karate I didn’t respect the instructors, seniors even some of the other students. I never wanted to listen to my seniors or the young black belts. When ever I was told to do something that I didn’t like I tried to argue, or I just didn’t listen to them. At school it was the same thing, I would ignore the teachers or try and argue with them. But signing up in karate has increased this skill that I need greatly. Whenever I’m told to do something by someone that is senior or is a teacher or parent I say yes mam the first time and do what I am told. My friends at school or at karate were always less mature than me and I didn’t respect that, but as I moved up in rank and age that increased at school and karate. At home when I am told to do something I do it the first time, when I have to get off the game or TV I do it. When I am working outside and doing chores I don’t complain and do it. Karate has increased a lot of my skills and respect and has increased majorly by being at karate with the instructors.Responsibility has become a need in school and karate. When I first started out in karate I always forgot things, I didn’t practice my stuff at home and I procrastinated for written tests. At school and at home it was the same. It was my responsibility to take care of my dogs my room and several other things. At school it was my responsibility to do my homework, to study for my tests and to keep up my grades. A lot of these I didn’t do, until I was in karate for awhile. I saw myself doing things without being asked, I was keeping up with my school work and chores at home. Even at karate there is a responsibility to keep your dojo clean. I started to do extra chores, to clean up trash that wasn’t mine and to stay after events to help clean up the mess left by other students. As I climbed through the ranks I could see it improving as did my other skills. Obedience has increased for karate, school and at home. Karate has increased by listening skills greatly. Whenever I’m told to do something I do it the first time and say yes mam or yes sir the first time. I am obedient whenever I am told to do something I do it right the first time and don’t do something else I want to do and ignore what that person just told me to do. I don’t argue like I want to and I do not tell lies when I know I am in the wrong. By being obedient I have gained peoples trust and their respect. At school I do my work and listen to the teacher. I don’t goof off I do my work and get It finished before I do anything else. At karate I help students, whenever I’m told to help a student or do a chore I don’t grip or argue with them. At home I do my chores to keep the house clean and I listen to my parents whenever I am told to something. Obedience has increased with karate a lot. Without this skill I would be an entirely different person.Karate has given me another skill needed for life. Humility, it is where you don’t brag or rub stuff in peoples faces. I am a good sport, I help people when they are down and talk to them. I try to be a good sport and to have fun with other students and kids. At karate I act my age and don’t talk back to instructors or seniors. Whenever we win something I say good job or nice going. I use to whine about losing and trying to point out why we should have won. But now I don’t, and whenever I see someone else do this I see how pointless it is, it’s just a game, and I see how many people do this without thinking and get into trouble or get into an argument. Humility has kept me out of trouble and it can to other people to. Karate has given me all of these skills, all of them are meant to help me get into life and go through it. It could help a lot of other kids to, but they just don’t see it yet. All of these skills I use and hope to use for the rest of my life. I have changed significantly during the last three and a half years. Karate has helped me in school and at home, without karate I would not be who I am today.
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